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Stop People Pleasing

#23: Why Is It So Hard To Set Boundaries?

Apr 29, 2021


17th May sees the start of Boundary Setting 101 Week. The link has more information about this series of 3 free masterclasses that will make this challenge…well, less challenging.

Why Is It So Hard To Set Boundaries? In today’s episode, I dive deep into some...

Apr 27, 2021

I am hosting an informal coffee chat on Zoom tomorrow Wednesday 28th April. It will last about 45 minutes. No cost. No need to register - just turn up. Bring your favourite beverage!

When is it?
Because of the different time zones of my listeners, I'll be doing this twice - at 11am UK time then again at 8pm UK time


Apr 22, 2021

Google advantages of being an empath and you will get a laundry list of benefits: intuition, ability to connect, an understanding of animals and so forth. In today’s episode, I want to look at some lesser known positives which may get you thinking more deeply about this topic.



I am...

Apr 15, 2021


I am in the process of creating a course on setting better boundaries. At the moment I want your feedback. Here are the problems that I see block empaths from creating boundaries. Do these resonate with you? Give me your feedback by emailing me info {at} or join...

Apr 8, 2021

Yes, you heard that right! You can stop people pleasing by watching TV. Well, almost... Find out how you can use your favourite films and documentaries to lay the groundwork for standing up for yourself as an empath or highly sensitive person.

This is a continuation of the previous episode on Silent Agreements, but I...