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Stop People Pleasing

May 20, 2021

Better than I think at WHAT, Harriet???

All will be revealed

There is still time to get access to the Boundary Setting 101 week videos -  completely free

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Film of The Week: The Half Of It, directed by Alice Wu.

3 reasons I love this film:

#1 It disrupts the...

May 13, 2021 - yes it’s Boundary Setting 101 Week soon!

Today is a follow on from the last episode on overwhelm which you can listen to at

The key to today’s teaching is to accept the invitation inherent in overwhelm.


May 6, 2021

Ever felt so weighed down by everything in your life that you fantasised about breaking your leg, just to give yourself some time out of life? Well, I have. I talk about a more constructive way of lightening your load…

Today is the first part of two episodes where I explain three ways to stop feeling so overwhelmed....