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Stop People Pleasing

Oct 23, 2020

Starring Matt Damon, Robin Williams and...The Imbalance of Understanding. 

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In this episode, I give you some ideas for learning to manage the world as an empath or highly sensitive...

Oct 23, 2020

This short episode focuses on a real life situation that I as an empath had to deal with this summer.

Sometimes, when we are looking the other way, we find ourselves putting others’ needs before our own.

Listen to this story and ask yourself: What would I do?

Get your free Lifesaver 10 list of phrases you can use in...

Oct 23, 2020

Get your free Lifesaver 10 list of phrases you can use in tricky situations

How does a Rebel Empath differ from her or his less empowered sibling, the Sorry Empath?

The essence of this comes down to being sorry vs unsorry in how you live your life.

Unsorry is not about being...

Oct 23, 2020

Welcome, my Rebel Queens and Kings! This podcast is your exit visa from people pleasing, from letting others lean on you 24/7, from the overwhelm of being an empath and a highly sensitive person. It’s time to stop apologising for your very existence.


I’m Harriet Morris. I’m a coach and an empath. Like you,...